What is CRM?

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management system (commonly known as CRM) is a tool that assists businesses in managing and improving relationships with their customers.

When fully utilized, CRM can bolster all elements of your business including human resources, customer services and supply chain management.

As a single repository of all customer data, CRM is key to building your business and improving your bottom line.

Why Choose Us?

Salesforce is widely regarded as the world’s premier cloud CRM system. As a silver Salesforce partner, Cloud Industry takes pride in taking the time to understand all elements of your business. Our professional team members have also been trained in all the relevant areas of the Salesforce CRM system, including such areas as platform development, app building and sales.

This gives us the knowledge and insight to design a CRM system that is 100% bespoke for your business. With discretion and confidentiality guaranteed, we are ready to serve your business for many years to come.

How can Salesforce’s CRM help your business?

Regardless of your anticipated needs, the Salesforce CRM system can undoubtedly prove to be a huge benefit for your business. The 2014 Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Survey highlighted that Salesforce’s CRM system may not only increase your sales by more than 30%, but it can also bolster your sales productivity by more than 40%.

Salesforce’s state of the art CRM system acts as a single platform for holding pertinent client information. With less of an administrative burden, sales staff will soon have more time to focus their attention where it is needed most. By better targeting the right customers, sales (and in-turn profits) will also increase.

Finally, the intuitive nature of the Salesforce CRM system also allows for more accurate long-term forecasting for your business. With 45% more precision than comparative CRM systems on the market, you’ll soon have the ability to respond to your customers’ needs quickly and accurately.