5 Steps to Understanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Offering automated marketing to generate better leads, personalise customer journeys and make overall smarter decisions, Salesforce Marketing Cloud could well be the marketing solution that you’ve always needed. Find out why with our 5 Steps to Understanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

1. What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

In simple terms, it’s a one-stop marketing solution for the digital age. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a developer of marketing automation and analytics software. Its range of services are provided through a powerful integrated marketing platform that gives today’s marketers the tools they need to drive improved results – time and again. It makes this possible by simplifying complex processes. By segmenting customers and managing their interactions through a variety of channels, it is able to create personalised journeys and build stronger engagement.

2. Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud the right solution for you?

Whether you’re an SME or a multinational corporation, if you’re managing a large number of subscribers, then the answer is probably a resounding “yes”. Why? Because Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes the increasingly complex marketing environment and makes it work smoothly for you and your customers. From social media marketing and mobile marketing to email campaigns and beyond, all your digital marketing channels are simplified and automated. Your customers receive a customised experience and you receive quality analytics.

3. So which marketing channel should you choose?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud operates through a choice of marketing channels. Which one you choose depends entirely on your preferred marketing activities. The main options are:

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Email Studio: send individualised messages, announce promotions, and respond to triggers based on data gathered automatically from across the Cloud landscape.

Social Studio: get a better understanding of your customers and competitors with automated analysis of social media interactions and then publish your own campaigns.

Mobile Studio: take advantage of location awareness to promote events, activities and promotions to customers via SMS, MMS and push marketing.

Advertising Studio: utilise data extracted from your Salesforce ecosystem to create targeted marketing and manage your ad campaigns.

Web Studio: analyse customer behaviour and make personalised recommendations.

4. OK, so which cloud platform should you choose?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also comes in a variety of platforms. The 6 main options are:

Journey Builder: design responsive campaigns and automate customer interactions.

Audience Builder: integrate data from various sources to manage all contacts.

Content Builder: create, manage and share content through digital channels.

Analytics Builder: monitor web, mobile and email campaigns.

Personalization Builder: personalises customer interactions through the use of predictive intelligence.

Marketing Cloud Connect: keep customer interactions consistent regardless of the touchpoint or department.

5. Why choose Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud combines all the benefits of the world-renowned Salesforce ecosystem with the power of Einstein artificial intelligence to drive marketing success.

So there you have it: 5 reasons why Salesforce Marketing Cloud could well be the one-stop marketing solution that your business and your customers have always needed.

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