A Quick Way to Solve your Data Management Issues

The Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP), helps you deliver a valuable, more personal marketing, media, and commerce experience to your clients. Do you currently have one of these in play in your business?

This cloud-based data platform works in real time to capture, unify and activate all of a marketer’s data. It gives you as a business the ability to personalize your message, content and commerce more effectively across all platforms as well as help you reach the right people at the right time.

Your data management is an integral part of your marketing flow. Dirty data will not produce great results. As consumers are constantly creating data points when they visit your site whether they are on their mobile, tablet or other connected devices, a DMP lets you capture that clean data and helps you recognize your target consumer more effectively. It is data-driven, looking at decisions being made and connecting with customers on a personal level at every touchpoint. The more data going in, the better the insights will be coming out.

Now, that is a whole lot of information floating around, so what do you do with it?  The DMP captures that information and stores it all on one platform, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend and feed your insight into on-going optimization.

If you already have a DMP in place, you can supercharge it and take it to a whole new level with Einstein for Salesforce DMP.

Einstein AI for Salesforce DMP, tells you the people who better define a brand’s audiences, letting you personalize your marketing campaigns and reach your key people with a message that’s just right for them.

This technology uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to process the data by applying automated learning to eliminate, for example, the biases that can exist in algorithms. Cool right?

It is important to point out that Salesforce DMP is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite.

Give us a call here at Cloud Industry if you are interested in managing your data in a whole new way. Our team is here to help guide you through the world of data management and usher you toward your success.

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