Reimagining the Marketing Funnel

Have you ever through about reconsidering your Marketing Funnel setup? It may just help you to solve some of the issues you have been having, in connecting and converting your audiences. If your customers have changed the way they engage, then it’s time your marketing funnel does as well. What is a marking funnel [...]

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3 Ways Salesforce Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionise How Your Company Operates

As a trusted Salesforce partner and consultancy firm, we at Cloud Industry are being increasingly asked about Salesforce Artificial Intelligence (AI): what is it and is it something that we really need? Let’s take a look at those questions here. What is AI? AI refers to the ability of computers to process information and [...]

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5 Ways that Salesforce CPQ software can benefit your business

‘Configure, price, quote’ software – most commonly known as CPQ software – is one of the best tools on the market right now for helping businesses increase their efficiency and develop stronger client relationships. Specifically designed to assist businesses of all sizes, it’s no wonder that CPQ is the talk of the town when [...]

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Salesforce Winter’19 – Our Top Twelve Features

Just over a month ago, Salesforce hosted its annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco, USA. The cloud-based software giants also used this yearly gathering of customers, partners, employees and stakeholders as an opportunity to launch its long-awaited Winter ’19 Release! With a range of innovative features, the latest version of the Salesforce CRM is [...]

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Cloud Industry’s Zoe recognised by Salesforce as a ‘Trailblazer’

Cloud Industry is proud that the hard work, vision and dedication of our consultant, Zoe Lai, has been recognised by Salesforce in its ‘Trailblazer’ series of success stories. Discussing her amazing journey in an interview with Salesforce, Zoe describes how she went from knowing very little about Salesforce just 2 years ago to now [...]

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The Road to Successful 1:1 Marketing with Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As the global leader in customer relationship management, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides solutions to help you engage with your customers more effectively. Marketing Cloud is a one-stop cloud solution which has simplified the process of staying in contact with your customers in the digital age. Today, we’re putting one of its key features – Journey Builder [...]

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5 Steps to Understanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Offering automated marketing to generate better leads, personalise customer journeys and make overall smarter decisions, Salesforce Marketing Cloud could well be the marketing solution that you’ve always needed. Find out why with our 5 Steps to Understanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 1. What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? In [...]

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The 9 Signs That Your Business Needs An Expert Salesforce Consultant

Have you recently implemented a Salesforce CRM only to discover you’re struggling to understand all the different features? Do the constant updates make your head spin? Are you seeing a less than impressive ROI? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then it might be time you hired an expert Salesforce [...]

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Salesforce: the SMBs’ key to closing deals and boosting sales

As any small and medium size business (SMB) owner will confirm, building a successful business from the ground up requires a lot of hard work! From advertising to IT infrastructure and effective client communication, there really is a never-ending list of things to do – a situation often exacerbated by limited (read “overstretched”) time [...]

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Considering switching to Salesforce Lightning?

Described by many as the future of CRM, Salesforce Lightning is a new and improved version of the original Salesforce platform. Offering a sleek user experience with full mobile and tablet functionality, the new platform is designed to simplify your processes whilst bringing all your Salesforce data under one roof. With a wider range [...]

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