Cloud Industry Releases Lightning migration plans for all Salesforce customers!

As the name suggests, Salesforce Lightning is a newer and faster version of the traditional Salesforce platform that many businesses around the world have come to know and trust. With a sleek design and a new-and-improved CRM user-interface, Salesforce Lightning is the key to even greater sales productivity.

Is Salesforce Lightning really that different from the standard Salesforce software?

Thankfully, Salesforce Lightning retains all the key elements from the original software. It does however have a range of new innovations that are designed to help your business remain agile and transformative. Perhaps the most notable improvements are the extended search, reporting, querying and workflow capabilities. Whilst these may appear to be superficial improvements, users quickly notice the significant impact they have on running a smooth operation.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Lightning?

Apart from its slick design and improved app design times, Salesforce Lightning has five key features that set it well above any comparable systems.

  • It seamlessly connects all Salesforce products under one cohesive platform. This means greater productivity and a stress-free user experience.
  • Salesforce Lightning makes it ultra-fast to build apps using the simple ‘drag and drop’ function.
  • Fully optimised for mobile devices, Salesforce can be used on any device, from anywhere at anytime.
  • Insights can be generated at the touch of a button via the inbuilt analytics. This means you can work smarter, not harder.
  • It is fully customisable to your business needs and does not follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The million-dollar question: should I switch?

As any savvy businessperson understands, it’s prudent to consider all the pros and cons when deciding to make a change to the way you do business. In this situation, the decision is made very easy as Salesforce Lightning only comes with additions that will positively impact your business. With more than 150 new features, automatic upgrades, Microsoft Outlook integration and ‘fool-proof’ app development available, it really is a no brainer!

How Cloud Industry can help you to migrate to Salesforce Lightning

Your Cloud Industry Migration Team will be with you every step of the way to make sure your transition is seamless and worry-free. From the scoping session, through the change management phase, and right through to the launch, you’re assured of a smooth conversion. The team will also conduct any new developments that are required such as customised buttons, email templates, and installing Lightning for apps.

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