How Salesforce Solves Email Marketing Challenges

Organically growing your email list is no small task. The ability to attract more subscribers is hard work but defiantly worth the effort in the long run for your business.

Email marketing is a great way for you to grow your profits by increasing and converting leads into customers and turning first-time customers into loyal customers.

This is where Marketing Cloud come is in. The World’s No.1 CRM Solution, Salesforce, brings to the forefront of communications its Marketing Cloud solutions that encompasse an incredible array of tools all conveniently bundled together.

With it’s Email, Mobile, Social and Journey Studios, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the solution for serious marketers looking for a client centric solution with a 360-degree view of every customer interaction.

Bring to play Journey Builder, where you can put into motion, amazing client journeys with realtime touchpoints to engage, inform and excite clients, while interacting and measuring outcomes along the journey. You can alert sales teams or customer service staff to provide personalised conversations to further delight prospective and current client base.

Add in emails, not just any email, but dynamic content servicing up personalised content to deliver a rich and individual experience to the recipient, then following trends on social studio, watching for commentary across many channels and acting in a timely fashion to put your product or widget or service front of mind when the topic leads itself to that being the flavour of the moment – then voila, you are able to engage and serve up content and be in the same wave of audience interest.

Combining SMS deliverability, landing pages and more all coupled in one system, all syncing between each other, whilst providing rich data insights into your audiences activities, truly proves that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the choice of the seriously engaged marketer who wishes to get to know their client base in a much more engaged way than we have ever experience before.

At Cloud Industry, our inhouse marketing experts, work very closely with Salesforce and their clients to discover, mindmap, develop and help deploy Marketing Cloud to their team and delight in watching their company’s sales conversions increase through active marketing via Marketing Cloud.

Do you need an expert opinion on your current marketing solution? Our consultants are available now to analyse your current capabilities and help you with the best solution to meet your business needs.

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