Maximize AI driven Salesforce Analytics – Choose The Perfect Consulting Partner

Data analysis can seem a daunting task unless left to the professionals. But with an AI-driven analysis system, you don’t have to be a professional. No matter what field you work in with the right consulting partner you can become an expert in data analysis. Cloud Industry wants to provide you the data analysis software and support that will help you get the job done, even on the go.

Salesforce Einstein – The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence CRM Tool

Salesforce Einstein is the perfect AI CRM tool. There is no need for extra installation or additional licences if you are already working with Salesforce. Einstein is built into the existing platform. The program can help you look back over previous data showing trends, swings, and other critical information. This means better planning on your part for upcoming projects.

Why You Need AI-Driven Salesforce Analytics

In most cases, your Salesforce setup is geared toward your company’s specific cases and objectives. You can see the reports on past performance and the are customized to your needs. Your information is there to show your goals, objectives achieved and target numbers. Do you really need anything else? We think so. Here at Cloud Industry, we believe in going beyond the basics. Why sort through thousands of leads looking for just the right one when Salesforce Einstein can narrow that lead down to which ones would be most likely to be a success. It can even provide helpful insight in finalizing the deal. Salesforce Einstein goes beyond mere numbers. Its data analysis is based on crucial factors such as customer satisfaction and which products sold well and why. AI analytics can save hours sifting through leads that have very little chance of a conversion and allow you to focus on those that will generate income for your business.

Going Beyond Leads

Einstein is designed to do much more than narrow down convertible leads. It is typical in any business to schedule emails to send out to customers and potential leads. Einstein can, of course, help with the setup of automated email but it can do so much more. Workflows can be created which are designed for specific clients. AI also determines the best time to follow-up on a lead based on the person’s previous interaction. This means customers have a better user experience and you have a better click-through rate.

Putting The Data To Use

The potential uses for AI in sales driven analytics are endless. The lead generating example above is just one way you can benefit from Einstein. Another example would be the ability to better plan your next sales campaign based on patterns discovered by Einstein. AI helps determine which data is truly useful to your business. You can then analyse the data to determine your next move. From sorting through leads, sending out targeted notifications and everything in between AI offers insights that you may otherwise miss in much less time.

Why You Need A Consulting Partner

While Salesforce Einstein and AI can be a plus for your business understanding how to put it use can seem overwhelming. That’s where Cloud Industry and Salesforce can make all the difference. Our 360 business solution is designed to provide what you need for your business. Each business is unique and we understand that. We provide you with the help and training needed to implement AI. You have the software you need now let us harness the power behind it and help you reach your business goals. Call us today to schedule a consultation that will take your business to the next level.

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