Reimagining the Marketing Funnel

Have you ever through about reconsidering your Marketing Funnel setup? It may just help you to solve some of the issues you have been having, in connecting and converting your audiences. If your customers have changed the way they engage, then it’s time your marketing funnel does as well.

What is a marking funnel you may ask? Well, this is what takes your soon to be customer on an expedition from noticing your business to buying your goods on a consistent basis.

The old marketing funnel stratagem is a “one size fits all” approach. It suggests that everyone joins your campaigns at the top of the funnel, and then automatically follow the steps you’ve arranged for them, until they get to the end and are ready to buy something.

But, as we all know, in realty, one size does not fit all and there are so many different pathways available that may lead someone to deciding to buy from your company.

You need to convince your customers that they are making a good investment to persuade them to buy. They need to like you, relate to you and trust you. With this way of thinking a customer can confidently enter the marketing funnel at any stage of the buying process. Some like to start at the end – we are all different.

So, the goal for you is to build and maintain a highly automated, confidence building system that is measurable at any point in the customer journey.

Conversational Content

Do you have savvy, smart, high quality content ready to assist you in the whole customer journey you are presenting?

If your website is special to you, make it special to your customers, who will visit you, who will tell more people, who will also visit you, which will indicate to google that your website is now in rockstar mode and is a must click destination.

Some customers may skip parts of your funnel in order to make a snap buy. Others may roll between the top, middle and bottom‐of‐funnel content, many times before making a purchase.

Try to create personalised content that can address the specific ideas your audience cares about and that may fix their pain points in each section of their journey. Then try to package and distribute that content in the best formats and channels to help reach your audience at the right place and time. Automation technology will have a key role to play here, helping you gather information about ideal prospects and serve them the content they need when they need it.

Safe place to Land

Your landing page really matters. If you think you have a winning product and you write super savvy content, next you need a smashing landing page. A landing page could make or break you.

If you can establish authority and deliver a solid call to action in an undoubted manner, then your leads will flow. The audience arriving on your page should need what you have to offer.

Make sure you optimize your landing page as well.

Your goal here is to capture your visitor’s attention, maintain your visitor’s attention and force them to focus their attention to generate sales and capture leads.

  • Try removing navigation menus to reduces distractions.
  • Use shortened forms to capture information. On average a three fields form converts 12% better than pages with larger forms
  • Use clear headlines that grab your visitor’s attention and try included a high-quality image close to the headline.
  • Set up a process to encourage reviews after a consumer has purchased

Once you have a solid concept of who they are, where they begin and where they are spending time along their journey, work out if your efforts are in sync with this journey.

Has the time come marketers to re-create the traditional funnel model as we know it, and develop a model that parallels the way our customers are behaving online? You decide.

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