Salesforce and Tableau Software pairing paving the way to the future

Salesforce has made it boldest move yet by acquiring Tableau in its biggest acquisition to date. Announced in early June, this has created a powerful force in the lucrative enterprise software world and is projected to close by the end of October subject to regulatory approval.

With this move, Salesforce is now bringing together the world’s number 1 CRM and number 1 analytics platform.

How? Well… Tableau helps people see and understand data & Salesforce helps people engage with and understand its customers. Salesforce has access to data wherever it lives, whether on site or in the cloud, and with Tableau, it allows customers to bring that data to life by seeing it. It’s truly the best of both worlds, bringing together two dynamic platforms that every customer needs to have in business.

Understanding that data is the foundation of every digital transformation, the addition of Tableau’s intuitive and powerful analytics will accelerate the capability of Salesforce to deliver customer success and will enable millions more people to discover actionable insights across their entire organizations and will enable a unified and powerful view across all of their customer’s data.

Acquiring Tableau gives Salesforce another avenue into larger and more expansive enterprise sales but it’s success will be determined on how well it integrates Tableau into the Salesforce mega machine.

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