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Cloud Industry: Number One Salesforce Consultant Specialists in Australia

Salesforce has become the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform on the international market. Salesforce, however, does not limit itself by sticking to customer interaction optimisation. In its many years, the company has expanded to support businesses in optimising their success through comprehensive and intuitive cloud-based applications that facilitate internal operations management as well as managing customer interactions and marketing campaigns.

Today, Salesforce consultants in Australia such as Cloud Industry help businesses use the platform to track sales, provide an interface for customer interactions and order histories, and train on how to effectively collect data which will enable you to improve your sales through targeted marketing. Cloud Industry is the leading Salesforce Specialist in Australia helping companies like yours streamline your processes and optimise your company’s customer acquisition and retention statistics. Our Salesforce consultants help Australian businesses maximise efficiency and decrease administration costs associated with paper file storage and postage.

Salesforce Consultant for Australia Maximises Interface Benefits

What makes Salesforce so prominent is their comprehensive approach to cloud-based operations management for businesses of every size across a wide range of industries. Salesforce operates entirely in the cloud eliminating the costs of software and hardware while being universally accessible via desktop or mobile device. Salesforce consultants in Australia at Cloud Industry assist you in utilising the various tools Salesforce offers. Salesforce initially focused on CRM in 1999 and has expanded to include, among others, Pardot, which automates marketing campaigns.

Salesforce specialists for Australia companies demonstrate how Service Cloud gives your customers an interface to communicate with your company, Analytics Cloud which compiles your company’s data and presents it in visual reports geared to enhance processes, and other business optimisation tools and applications. With so much to offer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on all that Salesforce offers. Connect with a Salesforce consultant in Australia through Cloud Industry to utilise the extensive benefits of this integrated platform. We are certified Salesforce consultants assisting Australia’s most successful businesses.

Cloud Industry Helps You Get the Most Out of Salesforce

With so many excellent features, proper integration of your business’ specific components, features, and operations can get confusing. When you hire our Salesforce consultant for Australia, you get a passionate, certified, industry professional who is committed to optimising your company’s operations process. As Salesforce can benefit virtually any business, we have a depth of experience in various fields streamlining businesses in education, finance, energy, manufacturing, not-for-profit, real-estate and much more. Partner with us to get individualised guidance on how your company can best use the features Salesforce offers.

Our client process is tailored to your individual business starting with an in-depth analysis of your current business practices and performance. Together we pinpoint which Salesforce solutions match your company’s goals and priorities, and we advise you which Salesforce applications to use. Finally, we help integrate and implement Salesforce applications to your business processes and train you and your staff on how to use the award-winning cloud-based platform utilised by the most successful businesses around the world.

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