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Improve Your Business across the Board by Making Better Use of Your Data: Hire Cloud Industry as Your Salesforce Implementation Partners in Adelaide

In the digital age, it’s possible that no asset is more valuable to a business than its data. In all likelihood, your company is already tracking and storing data on almost everything. You have data about products and services. You have data on customers and their purchasing history with your business. You have data about employees and their roles in your organisation. You have data regarding business processes and how they involve and affect various departments or teams throughout your company. In short, you have data about everything.

Indeed, the problem that most businesses face isn’t that they don’t have enough data, but that they don’t know how to harness that data to increase their productivity and performance. At Cloud Industry, we think the answer can be found in cloud computing technologies—specifically Salesforce. While Salesforce is classified as a CRM (customer relationship management) program, it can be used to store all your company information. Working with a Salesforce implementation partner in Adelaide can help you understand how this bulk data storage works and how you can harness it to make your business better.

Using Salesforce for Everything

Even if you just want to use data to understand your customers better, teaming with Salesforce partners in Adelaide is a smart move. Cloud Industry is the leading Salesforce consulting firm in Queensland and offers a broad range of Salesforce implementation and configuration services. Many of these services pertain to the core application of Salesforce as a CRM platform.

However, Salesforce also offers business intelligence software solutions that can significantly expand the potential applications of the software. One of these solutions, Wave Analytics, is a powerful BI tool that lets businesses gather all their data into a central location in the cloud. You can then ‘slice and dice’ this data (as Salesforce puts it on their website) any way you want. In other words, Wave can be used to help you track, manage, access, process, calculate, visualise, and understand your data in all new ways.

Perhaps you are already using Salesforce as a CRM, but aren’t sure where to start with all these extra Salesforce tools. Alternatively, maybe you are planning your first Salesforce implementation in Adelaide, and you want to enjoy all the benefits that the software has to offer.

Either way, Cloud Industry can help you discover how to use Salesforce for almost everything. Learn how to optimise your recruiting or onboarding processes, improve performance management of existing employees or use Salesforce to turn your data into contracts, reports or other documents. With Cloud Industry as your Salesforce implementation partners in Adelaide, you can unlock all the secrets and capabilities of the software.

Bring Cloud Industry in as Your Salesforce Implementation Partners in Adelaide

If you choose Cloud Industry as your Salesforce partners in Adelaide, the last thing you should expect is a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that every client wants slightly different things out of Salesforce and we want to help you harness the capabilities that are going to have the biggest, most positive impacts on your brand. To Learn more about what we can do for your Adelaide Salesforce implementation, give us a call on 1300 656 441.

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