Salesforce Winter’19 – Our Top Twelve Features

Just over a month ago, Salesforce hosted its annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco, USA. The cloud-based software giants also used this yearly gathering of customers, partners, employees and stakeholders as an opportunity to launch its long-awaited Winter ’19 Release! With a range of innovative features, the latest version of the Salesforce CRM is certain to help your business deliver memorable and industry-leading customer experiences.

Having had the chance to work with the new release, we’ve compiled a list of the twelve most useful Winter ’19 features aimed at driving longer-lasting customer relationships and boosting your business.

1. Save time (and money) with Salesforce Quick Text

As the name suggests, Quick Text helps your business streamline communications and do away with tedious copying and pasting. With the ability to insert pre-prepared text into emails, chats and other tasks, your sales reps will have more time to focus on their strengths! Thanks to the quick text button, ‘copying and pasting’ will soon be a thing of the past.

2. Transfer images and files via SMS and Facebook

Why use your precious time with long and wordy messages when you can share a picture instead? With customers and agents able to share photographs and files instantly, you’ll soon be able to communicate anywhere, anytime and about anything.

3. Recover any unsaved text

From time to time, your internet connectivity may inadvertently interrupt your Salesforce Lightning Experience. Never fear – with the new timeout message feature, you’ll now receive a tailored message that’ll walk you through how to recover any unsaved work.

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4. Easily (re)assign leads and cases

To make sure you have the right person working on a lead at any one time, the Winter ‘19 Feature allows you to assign a new owner or lead for up to 200 leads or cases. You’ll never have to worry about complicated task allocation procedures ever again!

Assign a New Owner
Assign a New Owner

5. Support your customers in a way that makes sense for them

Have you ever seen one of your customers make a comment on YouTube, only to think, “I wish I could deal with that right here and now”? Well now you can! The Winter ’19 release allows you to connect your YouTube channel directly to your Service Cloud, meaning you can respond to customers almost immediately.

6. Streamline your collaboration

Boost your productivity and collaborate with your colleagues more effectively with the new list view feature. This new Salesforce addition will allow you to customise your lists and share as needed amongst your team.

7. Customise your display density settings

This useful new addition allows you to alter the way you view your data without having to fundamentally change the page layout. Simply choose one display density setting as a default, and let your users choose their own setting later on.


8. Search field data at lightning speed

Located directly next to the ‘List View Controls’, the new search bar allows you to find the records you need in just a matter of seconds.

9. Analyse multiple datasets through a single lens

Having multiple datasets residing in different locations can now be considered a problem of the past. With the Winter ’19 update, you’ll now be able to combine these datasets into one convenient location, meaning you can access your business insights faster than ever before.

10. Get a ‘Sneak Peak’ into customer and agent exchanges

This update provides supervisors with an unprecedented insight into the thoughts and actions of agents and customers alike. The new Sneak Peak feature means that you’ll be able to see what customers and service agents are typing in real time – even before they hit send!

11. Modify meeting participants from any user interface

There is nothing more cumbersome than having to duplicate tasks as a result of working with two different interfaces. With the recent release, attendees from Lightning Experience and the Salesforce app can add or remove participants from any user interface with ease.

12. Utilize joined reports for dashboard components

The new joined report feature means that you’ll no longer have to switch from Lightning to Classic and back to Lightning to view the report you need. In addition, by using a joined report as the source report, your dashboard component will now be able to contain data from multiple standards or custom report types. All of this means greater productivity and less hassle – a win-win for your business!

To learn more about the Winter ’19 Release, you can get in touch with one of our Salesforce consultants today.

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