The Road to Successful 1:1 Marketing with Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As the global leader in customer relationship management, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides solutions to help you engage with your customers more effectively. Marketing Cloud is a one-stop cloud solution which has simplified the process of staying in contact with your customers in the digital age. Today, we’re putting one of its key features – Journey Builder – under the microscope.

Keeping it Personal

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Marketing Consultants have long since known brand loyalty comes through regular interaction with your customer base. The more personalised your marketing is, the better the bond and greater your retention rates. More than simply a means to connect, Journey Builder is an intuitive campaign creation tool which allows you to communicate with individuals in a highly personalised manner. Part of this personalisation includes identifying customer behaviours and then switching from one channel to another at different points of the customer journey to drive a desired outcome. Known as 1:1 marketing, it’s all about taking a personal approach to building relationships that last.

From Spontaneity to Loyalty

There is much more to a purchase than a transaction, with ‘brand’ accounting for a large part of the decision-making process. Yet the transition from a once-only purchase to brand loyalty takes time. By breaking down each step of the process, Journey Builder makes it easier for marketing consultants to comprehend how their prospect or customer is thinking. Then, using data derived from real-time actions, it determines how next to interact with that individual – via email, mobile, social or web – and creates a customer journey designed to keep the brand front of mind and increase the likelihood of a sale.

But HOW?

Using data from actual events such as downloads or purchases, plus an individual’s browsing and purchase history, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder searches for triggers to determine how to deal with a prospective customer. For example, one trigger could be an abandoned shopping cart; others might include a fact sheet or product brochure a customer has accessed. The data is pulled in, analysed and used to determine customer behaviours, real or predictable, giving insights to the marketer for immediate action.

Journey builder

Deploying this flexible solution across your marketing function allows you to:

  • Build relevant campaigns for a precise audience – at the right time
  • Personalise every customer’s journey to build long-lasting relationships
  • Create unique journeys based on how your target audience responds to different communication mediums
  • Choose which channels you use to communicate with your customers and when to change from one to another according to data trends
  • Automatically adapt your messaging mid-campaign to meet your customer’s needs
  • Enhance Sales and Service touch points for your customer

Campaigns, As and When You Want Them

Simple to drive with a user-friendly ‘drag and drop’ interface, Journey Builder creates campaigns according to your customer’s needs, for single or multi-channel delivery. What’s more, you can configure the solution to pick up on relevant prospect or customer activity as and when it occurs, and respond with personalised, targeted messaging automatically. And, because it’s cloud-based, you’re able to access the solution from any device connected to the internet.

So there you have it. If you want to make 1:1 marketing work, let Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder show you the way to a successful customer journey.

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