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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australia’s state-owned and funded national public broadcaster. ABC is a leader in the field of broadcasting in Australia. The corporation provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.


  • Manual capture of key stakeholder information in excel sheets which did not meet the needs of broader organisation as information is not easily extracted and meeting notes cannot be documented
  • Increasing in stakeholder relationships in the future which will hinder the existing method of data management
  • Not being able to populate stakeholder information (such as names, organisations, and email addresses) quickly for our colleagues. Therefore, a request to review and provide input to a guest list for an event is a time consuming and labour-intensive process.
  • A lack of record keeping for individual stakeholders such as when we last met with them or what discussions we had.
  • Information categorised only by industry, so extracting state-based information relating to specific stakeholders is not easy.
  • When sending out newsletters to external stakeholders, names and email addresses have to be manually copied into a new excel spreadsheet and uploaded to Campaign Monitor (or any other platform)


  • Implementation of Salesforce to improve data consistency by establishing a defined data structure
  • Improve the campaign performance and visibility by Salesforce implementation and campaign monitor
  • Set up a web to lead functionality to automatically capture visitors on website into Salesforce
  • Outlook integration with Salesforce to enable email tracking, tasks, contacts, and accounts sync with Salesforce.


  • Greater Data Stability and accuracy with new Salesforce cloud
  • Improved reporting, dashboards, metrics on the go for users
  • Improved tracking on emails, tasks, and visitors on to the website
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