COTA (Council on the Ageing)


  • Industry:  Not-For-Profit
  • Location: Australia

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The Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing senior citizens with a voice on issues that affect them. A core focus of COTA’s work is providing government bodies and service providers with advice to help them make fully informed policy and programmatic decisions. Moreover, COTA also acts as an information conduit and an advocacy platform to raise specific issues of concern for the elderly.


  • To better manage a significant constituency across Queensland, COTA was looking to implement a comprehensive customer and data management system.
  • As COTA has been historically reliant on relatively unsophisticated forms of technology, robust data security was also flagged as a serious concern.


  • Cloud Industry has recently facilitated the implementation of a Salesforce CRM. This means that COTA can now manage all their customers, partners and information in one place.
  • The new cloud solution has also allowed for the migration of all data to the current Salesforce CRM.
  • To ensure a smooth transition and a full-functioning CRM into the future, Cloud Industry has conducted a mapping of all existing processes and how these can be streamlined and automated.


  • Since implementation, COTA has been able to develop a better understanding of their stakeholders in addition to significantly enhancing their ability to monitor relevant data sets.
  • Cumbersome and time-consuming processes have been automated thus resulting in more efficient internal processes and communications.
  • COTA has also significantly improved upon their ability to provide accurate reports to constituents, government stakeholders and relevant service providers.
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