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  • Location: Australia

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Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) is a registered not-for-profit organisation focused on helping all children to reach their academic, cultural, creative, sporting and civic potential. To this end, GGSA is working towards schools being able to progress from ‘Poor to Fair’, ‘Fair to Good’, and finally, ‘Good to Great’.


  • GGSA wanted to address an over-reliance on manual administrative processes, as this meant that a significant amount of staff time was spent on labor-intensive processes, which detracted from achieving the overall strategic goals of the organisation.
  • Without a comprehensive online solution in place, GGSA was in need of an effective way to accurately track data and maintain quality data sets.
  • In order to enhance GGSA’s attempts to provide tailored support and guidance to schools across Australia, the organisation was actively seeking ways of improving its project management.


  • Cloud Industry has designed and implemented a single management system that is tailored to the individual requirements of GGSA.
  • An online portal and project management system have been created to provide a platform for greater transparency, collaboration and reduced administrative burden.
  • Advanced solutions have also been implemented to improve filing and storage systems within GGSA.


  • Communication amongst GGSA’s team members has increased significantly since the implementation of the cloud based solutions. In addition, there has also been increased visibility placed upon the roles and responsibilities of all team members.
  • GGSA has since automated a number of its internal processes and external communication resulting in increased efficiencies.
  • Most importantly, GGSA now has a team that is fully trained and motivated to continue striving towards their goal of helping all children reaching their full potential.
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