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What is single sign on?

As the name suggests, single sign on (SSO) is a ‘one-stop’ session and user authentication service. Instead of needing to remember numerous passwords for use across multiple applications, SSO means that login can instead be done with just a few simple clicks.

Using SSO, users can now log in with one single username and password that will provide them with access to all applications within that session.

For managers and business owners, SSO is also beneficial as it provides scope for augmented oversight and monitoring of user activities.

Why Choose Us?

Okta prides itself on being a platform for “secure connections between people and technology.” With over 5,000 pre-integrated applications available under the SSO function, Okta is invaluable for employers and employees alike. Whether it’s Salesforce, Pardot or Box, SSO makes working across multiple applications within a single session seamless. It also integrates deeply with other on-site applications such as employee directories and identity management systems allowing for optimal efficiency and working. In addition, Okta allows your IT staff to independently manage and facilitate employees’ access to applications and devices. This provides for enhanced security and accountability whilst ensuring that your overall business needs are met.

The entire Cloud Industry team has undergone extensive training of the Okta system and each member holds official Okta competency certificates. Such training means that all our staff are able to review your SSO needs effectively and can provide you with tailored advice and support if and when it is needed. We are also on hand 24/7 to provide user insights into application usage, a handy tool for ongoing staff monitoring.

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How can Okta help your business?


Okta’s SSO is much more than a service that simply helps to reduce the need to remember a few additional passwords. Instead, Okta can be seen as a game changer when it comes to running a successful business in this digital age. Not only will Okta save your business time and money, but it will also provide you with an unparalleled agility to navigate multiple apps at the click of a button, thus resulting in significant efficiency gains.


It is estimated that Okta’s SSO helps to reduce the number of login helpdesk calls by up to 50% – a huge figure by any standards! This saving provides helpdesk staff with increased time to address other pertinent issues and allows employees to better focus upon their core tasks at hand. Moreover, fewer helpdesk calls means fewer IT support staff, thereby helping to reduce unnecessary human resource expenses.


Finally, SSO also expedites login times by up to 50%, empowering staff to increase their efficiency and productivity. No longer do employees have to go through the tedious process of attempting multiple passwords, only to later on find themselves locked out. With SSO, staff can start their work day stress free and right away.

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