6 Reasons Why Cloud Solution Is Perfect For Today’s Property Developers

Property developers may deal in bricks and mortar down on the ground, but in the digital age, the smartest are moving more and more of their operations up to the cloud. Here are 6 reasons why Cloud Property Management is the perfect solution for forward-thinking property developers.

1. More Effective Development & Listing Management

Whether you are a real estate agency or a property developer, our ground-breaking Cloud Realty solution makes it easier than ever before to manage and monitor all of your listings, their stages, construction progress and availability. With everything gathered together in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform, you can access, monitor and manage your projects wherever and whenever it suits you.

2. Faster Transactions through the Agent Portal

By using our integrated agent portal, your resellers will have live access to your listings. At the same time, they can reserve a property and submit an application or payment. The benefit of this is that transactions can be completed much more quickly, without the need for making several phone calls to check the availability of a property and approve its sale.

3. More Suited to Your Specific Needs

Far from being just some generic system that works on some levels but fails to meet your specific needs on others, Cloud Realty is a fully customisable solution that you can make personal to your business! From fields to dashboards, everything can be customised to suit how your business works.

4. Better Customer Interaction through the Branded Mobile Application

The Cloud Realty solution comes with a mobile app that can be branded with your business identity so that your customers believe it is unique to your company. The app allows your customers to receive notifications on available properties of interest to them and information on relevant events, keeping them better informed and more connected to your company.

5. Wider Reach with REA Web Integration

Achieve wider reach for your projects in an instant. The Cloud Realty solution makes it easier than ever to push your properties and development projects directly to realestate.com and domain.com as well as 97 other websites in Australia, all with just the click of a button.

6. Greater Visibility of all Your Sales

The Cloud Realty solution empowers you to manage all of your sales in one place! Whether the sale is internal or conducted via an agent, you have FULL VISIBILITY every step of the way!

With so many benefits and so little fuss, isn’t it time you took your property development business up to the cloud and into the future. Take advantage of tomorrow’s technology today, and become one of Australia’s innovative property developers with Cloud Property Management Solution.

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