An Effective Salesforce Consultant Can Give Your Business a Big Boost

//An Effective Salesforce Consultant Can Give Your Business a Big Boost

An Effective Salesforce Consultant Can Give Your Business a Big Boost

There are many reasons why projects and objectives within businesses fail. Besides the issues reported by developers themselves, company-wide employees and projects that depend on Salesforce end up facing other problems that hijack a company’s ability to function profitably:

  • Failing to fully utilise and realise the benefits of the software
  • Being unable to create custom configurations that allow for a business’s unique or pre-existing workflow
  • Poor testing standards and a lack of knowledge on what metrics should be or where they should stand
  • Employees and project managers receiving too much information, too quickly, to be truly effective and speedy
  • Experiencing trouble using the software in the day-to-day so relying on on-boarding constantly
  • Time and productivity wasted on support tickets and troubleshooting

While it can be useful to ensure that everyone within an organisation is on the same page, getting to that page, initially, takes time.

Depending on the product or service your business focuses on, a long sales cycle can be significantly shortened, and marketing initiatives more rapidly put into effect when there is a dedicated expert. This is especially useful in this increasingly digital world of simultaneous and rapid-fire consumer interactions with a brand.

Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

Besides avoiding the issues that businesses often face above, hiring a specialised Salesforce consultant comes with its own advantages that simply cannot be matched.

Having a software expert on hand — especially one with deep expertise — means more than simply having someone who has knowledge of functionality. It’s also having someone who understands how this piece of software hooks into and communicates with other pressing aspects of your business.

In other words, integration and communication are the keys to an effective Salesforce consultant.

1.  Understanding & Identifying Business Needs and Limitations

Hiring Salesforce consultants allows businesses to rely on a team of analysts, developers, architects and admins. Every business has its own needs and ways of operating. Alongside these comes its own unique set of challenges and limitations.

They can change from year to year or quarter to quarter, as a business grows and develops. A team of expert Salesforce consultants not only demonstrate knowledge of the platform but work to gain business intelligence as well. When hiring a Salesforce consulting partner, you’ll want to use the team’s Business Analyst to clarify the project’s goals and identify your overall business needs.

2.  Speed of Implementation

Salesforce consultants, as software experts, are trained to execute on software implementations based on certain development principles. For example, when customising and configuring a software’s environment to suit a business’s needs, a team will focus on agile methodology to -ship- a solution while also actively iterating and refining it.

Businesses should consider, then, Salesforce consultants that can complete projects in two weeks and continue to work the hours that a business cannot. This means that as a business runs along its tasks, during its own workday, a Salesforce consultant or team is working behind the scenes. In many cases they even work after hours to ensure a successful and speedy implementation.

3.  A Competitive Cost Structure

How much time, money, productivity and energy are truly wasted when software gets too complicated?

Consider this: Each year, companies around the world spend more than $300 billion debugging their software. The ongoing costs of software failing to meeting expectations is the greatest when first implemented and stays constant over time. This can greatly reduce the amount of leverage the software is supposed to gain businesses in the first place.

You should ask:

  • Do you have repeat clients?
  • What happens if a client has an issue with their service or your implementation?

Source: CIO

Even worse, these issues can continually crop up. Rather than having this ongoing cost, businesses who choose to hire a Salesforce consulting team can see upfront costs in a cohesive structure. What’s more, they can rely on the fact that no unforeseen costs will crop up when implementing the software as these have all been accounted for in setup.

Instead of facing the hidden costs of poor software implementation, businesses can enjoy a leaner and more competitive cost structure.

4.  Quality

The standards for implementation, testing and subsequent customisation are as unique an undertaking as a business’s blueprint. Hiring a Salesforce consultant or team helps maintain quality software implementation. An expert in the software can understand what a business needs and which features are redundant.

Based on this, there’s a balance that is created between “best practices” and the unique standards that spells business “success.” In other words, what does a successful implementation look like for your business? That depends entirely on the metrics used to measure it. Fortunately, a Salesforce consultant can accurately and rapidly capture that data to help you understand your own business success.

5.  ROI and a Track Record of Success 

Are your employees and team members using the implementation to its fullest extent? Do they understand how to integrate your current systems with the capacity and functionality of Salesforce?

Understanding user behaviour is key to tracking ROI. A consultant can zoom in on questions regarding data entry and analysis or ongoing improving business performance. Is the software being used in a way that warrants its costs and fully harnesses its features? And are these actions resulting in revenue?

Essentially, a Salesforce consultant has something that a business may not right away: A proven track record of success. Over hundreds of implementations, configurations and customisations, Salesforce consulting teams have learned not only the ins and outs of the platform itself but the way this platform successfully interfaces with ongoing business needs.

At the end of the day, nothing hurts a business more than distracted workers and multiple, often conflicting, goals. Individuals within a business must continue to work on their areas of expertise while relying on a team of experts to support their efforts. This dynamic builds a culture of more than just competency — it promotes and empowers a culture of success.

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