Cloud Industry Announces Partnership With Villa World

Cloud Industry, a leading cloud solutions specialist, has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Villa World. In partnering with Villa World, the arrangement provides for:

  • The development of an employee portal based on #SalesforceEmployeeCommunity, including a fully-fledged onboarding portal for new employees. Salesforce and its partners will be utilized to provide Villa World staff with an innovative employee experience by @Kamal Arora, Cloud Industry, Business Analyst Expert.
  • Ongoing development and innovation of Villa World’s digital strategy through continued improvements to Villa World’s #Pardot system by @Matthew Eaton, Cloud Industry, Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Preparing the first release of #WaveAnalytics for Villa World’s Executive Management Team by @Amaya Losa, Cloud Industry, Business Analyst Expert.

Cloud Industry is thrilled to be embarking on this new partnership and we thank Villa World for their trust in our team and expertise. We look forward to helping Villa World realize their cloud solutions and to achieving these new milestones together.

Thank you to @Aaron Whitaker and @Sascha Ambrose at Salesforce for all their support and hard work!

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