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A one-stop lending solution based on the Salesforce platform

Cloud Lending is a financial solution based on the Salesforce platform that provides a centralised Financial Management system which allows you to manage customers, opportunities, loans, repayments and other financing arrestments safely and conveniently all in one secure platform.

By seamlessly integrating Veda and Credit Sense, Cloud Lending creates a convenient lending service application that automates your customers’ credit reports and bank statements, collection management and financial arrestments. All aspects of your lending can be accessed and managed through one robust, flexible and secure Salesforce platform, simply by clicking one single button.

With the ability to create a personal experience for your customers, Cloud Lending also builds customer trust and loyalty.


Automate Your Processes

With Cloud Lending, you can automate your processes, email alerts, reminders, document generation, and contract preparation to save minutes on each deals and hours
by the end of each day.

Get data in real time!

Cloud Lending is directly integrated with Equifax credit check, making credit checking a breeze. Simply click the button on your screen to get a credit report in seconds. Leveraging the AI of the Salesforce platform, the system will then analyse the credit score of your customer and suggest the next point of action.

Simplify document gathering

Cloud Lending integrates natively with, enabling you to gather all documents online while Credit Sense also ensures that your customers can provide you with their 90-day bank statement directly from their phone…. Saving you hours and providing your customers with an all new experience!

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