Four ways that Salesforce’s Pardot can improve your sales leads

//Four ways that Salesforce’s Pardot can improve your sales leads

Four ways that Salesforce’s Pardot can improve your sales leads

As we all know, one of the most fundamental ways to grow any business is by creating and nurturing our sales leads. By delivering compelling content and innovative ‘lead-capturing’ techniques, it’s possible to see a significant sales boost in a relatively short period of time. Sounds easy huh? Actually, it can be!

It is well known that delivering the right content, at the right time, and to the right person, is both time consuming and energy sapping. To take this burden away, marketing automation tools like Pardot are a godsend and can mean the difference between your business either flailing or flying. Here are the top four ways that Pardot can increase your sales leads:

Generate more leads from your website

For many companies, their website is their most powerful online tool and their primary source of leads. In the fast-moving digital world, where people jump from website-to-website in a matter of seconds, Pardot is able to capture website leads and pass them to your marketing immediately. On top of this, Pardot is also equipped with cutting-edge analytics functions, allowing your team to identify the pages visited, the number of website visits, and the time spent during each page visit.

Boost Lead Qualifications

With Pardot Forms, your business will have all the required information from webpage visitors in a matter of seconds to develop them into ‘marketing qualified leads’ (MQLs). By getting the necessary information first time, you’ll soon be ready to embark on a marketing campaign that’s more targeted and effective than ever before.

Equip your marketing team with the right information

Pardot’s unique customer tracking feature allows you to keep tabs on where your sales prospects are up to in their ‘customer journey’. This includes information about when they visit certain webpages, when they’re interested in relevant products, or even when they might be eligible for an up-sell. This will save your business time and money, and will almost certainly result in a boost to your overall number of closed deals.

Valuable Sales Reports and Analytics

With marketing teams often being asked to do ‘more with less’, it’s important to know that your marketing dollars are being spent wisely. Luckily, Pardot and Salesforce have you covered. In just a few minutes, Pardot is able to generate a report that links your marketing activities to your Salesforce CRM. This information will help you to know what’s working and what can be improved – the ultimate closed-loop reporting tool!

As the best marketing automation tool solution available on the market today, Pardot will help your business to work smarter – not harder – and give your business the helping hand it needs to improve your sales leads!

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