Why Salesforce CRM remains a step ahead of Microsoft Dynamics 365

//Why Salesforce CRM remains a step ahead of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why Salesforce CRM remains a step ahead of Microsoft Dynamics 365

As most of us in the industry will surely know, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 version 9.x ostensibly went live in October 2017, having originally been scheduled for release in July of the same year. Since the release, the issues that caused its delay have continued to persist which has meant that Microsoft has had to initiate a series of unscheduled service fixes. Adding to the woes of this release, several updates remain unavailable and other ‘intelligent’ features can only be viewed in preview status.

For users who thought that Dynamics 365 version 9.x would be a game-changer to the existing CRM market, this appears to look increasingly unlikely. Not only has Microsoft witnessed these recent implementation issues, but previous drawbacks such as upgrade costs and cumbersome maintenance processes remain unaddressed. Some underlying concerns include the need to schedule updates and liaise with partners, in addition to limited technical support.

On the flipside, the Salesforce CRM has continued to go from strength to strength over recent years with three major updates released in the past twelve months alone. These updates, as with all upgrades, fall under Salesforce’s generous ‘no upgrades costs’ policy. By instituting fee-free upgrades, customers can ensure that their system is operating seamlessly and that there is no need to continually dip into their wallets.

CRMs are specifically deigned to help businesses become more efficient and in turn improve upon their bottom line. Therefore, with Salesforce outperforming Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 in almost every respect, there is really only one choice for businesses that are looking to implement a new CRM.

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