7 Reasons why you should work at Cloud Industry

//7 Reasons why you should work at Cloud Industry

7 Reasons why you should work at Cloud Industry

Whether it’s at a specific company or just with a certain type of organisation, everyone has a dream job. As an employer that actively encourages creativity, innovation and independence, Cloud Industry offers our team members the chance to learn and grow in a fast-paced and dynamic international environment. For those who are motivated by a challenge of creating something new, a career at Cloud Industry gives you the chance to live the dream!

Here are the top seven reasons why our employees consider Cloud Industry the great company to work for:

A Fast Growing Organisation

As a fast-growing organisation, we’ve experienced 100% growth in our operations since 2014!!! This has seen us expand over the same period to six offices, with a presence now in Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Singapore and Thailand– an impressive achievement that has doubled our production capacity.

Real Career Opportunities

At Cloud Industry, we set a clear career path for our employees and line managers and then give them our full support to help them realise their full potential and reach their career target. With our many in-house experts including Pardot certified specialists, a solutions architect, and Salesforce certified experts, our employees have plenty of opportunity to learn from the best.

Leaders in Innovation

We love technology! To better streamline our work, increase productivity and make our work environment stress-free, Cloud Industry remains a pioneer in implementing innovative technologies. We take pride in keeping up to date with the latest technologies, always thinking ahead of the best ways to integrate new technologies into our internal processes to ensure optimal efficiency.

Staff Investment

At Cloud Industry, our team members are our most important asset. To ensure they’re able to do their job to the best of their ability, we provide training, mentoring, on the job training to make sure that staff is ready before they jump into the real projects. We also have dedicated time for staff to study and sponsor 2 certifications annum for each employee.

Rising Star Program

Through the Rising Star Program, Cloud Industry rewards our best performing employees with a trip to the Dreamforce event at San Francisco, CA, USA. Every year, we select 2 employees from across the group who have made a positive contribution to the team through their performance and attitude.

Positive Workplace Environment

As our team comes from all corners of the globe, we embody a workplace culture that embraces diversity. In an effort to foster collaborative workplace relationships, we also encourage all our team to develop their skills and certifications. This means that everyone in consistently learning from one another in a dynamic environment.

Team Building Activities

We strive to put the old saying ‘a happy employee is a productive employee’ into practice each and every day! With a range of team outings, CSR activities and staff parties arranged on a regular basis, there’s nothing we appreciate more than seeing our employees’ smiling.

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