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  • Industry:  Finance

  • Location: Gold Coast, Australia

  • Solution(s): Sales Cloud

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With an innovative approach to client engagement and developing the optimal ‘customer experience’, Blink Finance is an emerging leader when it comes to online personal finance and business solutions. As part of its growth strategy, Blink has recently overhauled its systems to provide integrated systems and streamlined processes for its clients.


Since commencing operations in mid-2016, Blink Finance has undergone rapid growth with further expansion expected over the next several years. When recently considering its expansion plans, it became evident to senior management that there were a series of challenges that needed to be addressed. This included the need for a cohesive and standardised online platform, the ability to generate high quality and accurate documents quickly and efficiently, and the need to foster stronger dealer relationships. It was at this point that Blink Finance turned to Cloud Industry based on its track record of providing customised online platform solutions.


With a specialisation in providing cloud solutions for the financial services sector, Cloud Industry understood Blink’s aim of providing financial services that are “quick and simple”. To support Blink in this objective, Cloud Industry integrated a number of Salesforce solutions across Blink’s core business areas. This included the integration of Credit Sense for third party credit checks and the automatic retrieval of bank statements as well as the use of cutting-edge pre-approval calculators. Other solutions provided by Cloud Industry also included the incorporation of the DocuSign document generation provider, the development of a “Dealer Finder” webpage, and the implementation of Single Sing On (Conga), Marketing Automation (Pardot), and SMS Direct.


Working closely with Blink, Cloud industry implemented a number of changes to the way Blink Finance operates. While these changes have been relatively small, they have subsequently led to a series of quite significant results. In addition to the initial engagement time for new enquiries dropping from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, there has also been a significant spike in the number of loans processed – an increase of more than 300%! The amount of time dedicated by agents to each loan opportunity also reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours, a noteworthy saving of both time and energy for Blink Finance and clients alike.

With the implementation of a range of new Cloud solutions, especially Salesforce, Blink Finance has seen a significant increase in both efficiency and conversion rates. By creating a more streamlined customer experience, Blink Finance has also been able to better reflect its mantra as a leading Australian provider of personal, professional and hassle-free financial services.

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