Our Solutions

Digital transformation for your business


Gain control & visibility, increase efficiency, and sell smarter and faster with the world’s #1 CRM solution. Our CRM implementation in Australia has been impeccable.

Marketing Automation

The future of marketing is a world of 1-to-1 business-customer interactions. Learn how to make these interactions work for you to generate more and better-qualified leads.

Business Intelligence

Empower your business to grow intelligently when you use live data to understand what your customers want. Drive innovation and achieve better outcomes with Business Intelligence.


More than just a filing cabinet for storing your data securely, the cloud is the workplace that lets you create, edit, collaborate on and access your documents anywhere and anytime.

Single Sign On

Easily access all your applications from one single login page to secure your data, automate licenses, and utilize user provisioning and deprovisioning faster, more efficiently and with total security.

Document Generation

Lighten the workload with a powerful engine that easily integrates into your existing infrastructure and automates the generation of your documents.

Human Resources

Streamline management systems, better manage employee records, and optimise hiring practices.

Online Sign Off

Make it easier and faster to negotiate contracts and close new deals, even with clients on the other side of the world, with Online Sign Off!

Specialised Industry Solutions

Because each business is unique with its own specific needs, Cloud Industry will start by taking the time to explore your particular objectives and challenges. Working together with you, we map out and build processes and then set up and integrate the right technology to achieve your vision – all conducted with full discretion and confidentiality and implemented with the most secure cloud systems to protect your business interests.

How we work

As an elite cloud solution provider in Australia, Cloud Industry begins the process by closely analysing your business objectives and challenges. Working together with you, we map out a plan, design the processes, and then set up & integrate the right technology to achieve your vision. All projects are conducted with full discretion and confidentiality, and we operate with the most secure cloud systems to protect your business interests.

Cloud Work

Strategy & Initiation 

We work alongside you to define your digital transformation strategy. Together, we identify opportunities, propose solutions and prepare a rollout plan that is closely aligned with your business objectives

Cloud Work

Process Mapping & Scoping

Utilising our expertise in business process streamlining, we analyse your business, your objectives and its priorities and then help you design the perfect technology solution within your budget and timeframe. Our architects build the plan of your future before we review it together.

Cloud Work


The execution phase is the technical stage of your project. During this phase, our developers and engineers prepare your system, integrate the solutions and get the job done for you.

Cloud Work

Going Live and Beyond…

The launch phase is the final step of your project. During this phase, we will load your final live data and set up connections to your external production systems.

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