Being a successful rainmaker is not easy, but our consultants have a unique ability to blend technology and sales into one. We don’t just implement a solution. We challenge your ideas, push your vision further, and then help you make it happen.

  • Advanced Mobility

  • Agile, Adaptable Platforms

  • Easy Data Interpretation

  • Data Security

  • Lower Costs = Higher Performance

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Salesforce CRM

Marketing Automation

Cloud Industry is an Australian Salesforce Partner with certified Marketing Cloud and Pardot Specialists.

Our digital experts are at the forefront of the arms race in the complex and ever-changing battlefield of digital marketing solutions. We design, implement and manage your digital marketing arsenal so that you can win your own digital marketing war.

We help you with your eMarketing strategy, Mass Mailing & Newsletter or Marketing Automation Solutions.

  • Get more leads & close more deals – faster.

  • Increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

  • Connect 1-to-1 with customers on social, mobile, and more.

  • Anticipate customer wants based on past behaviour.

  • Monitor and manage your business anytime, from anywhere.

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Business Intelligence

Wave is a Salesforce.com Business Intelligence solution that gathers all your data in a single place, enabling your business to leverage all your existing knowledge and information into a professional business intelligence solution.

  • Advanced Mobility

  • Agile, Adaptable Platforms

  • Easy Data Interpretation

  • Data Security

  • Lower Costs = Higher Performance

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Cloud Industry partners with the most advanced providers to offer you enterprise class storage so that you can sleep well knowing all your data are secured, organised and of course always available.

  • Collaboration – work with others – anywhere

  • File Sharing – access your documents –anywhere

  • Security -Data security is priority

  • Content Management- organise your content effectively

  • Platform- supported in both of web and Mobile Apps platform

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Single Sign On

Now that you have all your business in the cloud, it’s time to secure & simplify your team’s access to the data they need to carry out their work. Our single sign-on solution puts you in control of all your systems and each individual’s access level, all from one single screen.

  • Always on Single Sign on

  • Customisable user experience

  • Secure Directory with Integration

  • Real-time security reporting

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Document Generation

Improve efficiency, reduce double entries, and remove any room for mistakes with our document generation partner solution that allows you to leverage all the information from Salesforce to generate brochures, contracts, and documents of any type.

  • Data – Salesforce data management made easy with Conga ActionGrid

  • Documents – optimise Salesforce with robust document generation and reporting

  • Contracts – automate the entire contract lifecycle management process with ease

  • Report – actionable insights that drive performance with rich reporting

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Now that all your company information is stored in Salesforce, why not leverage your existing platform to include your internal resources. Cloud HR solutions bring the power of the force.com platform to all your employees.

  • Recruiting – Run a more collaborative and effective recruiting process

  • Onboarding – Accelerate employee productively through training and information sharing.

  • Employee community – Collaborate on business processes and share knowledge.

  • Performance management – increase performance, feedback, visibility and outcomes

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Online Sign Off

With a digital sign off, it has never been so easy to get your customers onboard. Prepare, send, and sign off documents all in a matter of minutes.

  • Makes your business easier and faster

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device

  • It works for all your favourite multiple apps

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