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Cloud Storage

Used widely by both businesses and individuals across the world, cloud storage is a tool designed to help you manage, maintain, and access data easily over a secure network. Cloud storage can solidify itself as an incredibly valuable and important tool for small and large businesses alike. Businesses can use cloud storage’s ability to scale up instantly when the company grows larger in size while maintaining the existing document management software. In case of disasters or misplacing devices, it is always handy to have data backed up on cloud document management systems as large physical enterprise servers are expensive.

Your cloud-stored data are generally accessed via the internet which means that they can be managed, retrieved and backed-up remotely.

Delivering a ‘content platform for the digital age’, cloud storage providers use encryption and authentication techniques to ensure a secure and robust service for their clients. The convenience of document management software employed by cloud storage enables much more flexibility and freedom when it comes to sharing information.

Depending upon what exactly you want from your cloud storage system, there are normally three main cloud-based storage architecture models to choose from: public, private and hybrid.

Why choose us?

Box is considered to be one of the world’s leading content management platforms. With the ability to solve complex challenges, deliver everyday businesses processes, or simply retain data, Box has always been a step ahead of other cloud storage providers with a superior cloud document management system. By partnering with Box, Cloud Industry offers enterprise class storage – meaning that your data will be secure, well-organised and available 24/7. We also continually review your Box requirements to ensure seamless alignment with your business needs.

Every member of our professional team has undergone extensive training to ensure that they are able to setup your system in line with current and future needs. The majority of staff within the Cloud Industry team also hold official Box certificates, highlighting our long-term commitment and understanding of Box cloud storage.

How can box.com streamline your business processes?


Box is known around the world as an enterprise content management platform that is simple to use, secure, and easily shared. It makes collaboration amongst peers and stakeholders a breeze, providing the ability to work with others anytime and from anywhere. No matter whether it’s spreadsheets, documents or presentations or any other format that is popular on document management systems, Box cloud storage lets you generate work and have it shared with colleagues in just a matter of minutes.


Finally, box.com will enhance your current content management capability, meaning greater effectiveness and ease of working. Creating, editing and distributing files can be done safely, securely and quickly because of this well-rounded cloud document management system. Supported by both web and mobile platforms, box.com is at your fingertips and available whenever you need it.

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