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What is online sign off?

Online sign-off refers to the act of using an electronic signature against a contract or record.

This e-signature can be in the form of an electronic sound, symbol or process. All electronic signatures are considered legally binding and can be used on agreements and transactions such as contracts, offers of sale, lease agreements, purchases and indemnity waivers.

Electronic sign-off is favoured over traditional paper-based signatures by many companies around the world as it helps to save money and time, as well as reducing red tape.

Why Choose Us?

DocuSign is considered the most secure online sign-off platform available, providing end users with both reliability and peace of mind. In addition to meeting the security industry’s stringent certification standards, DocuSign also uses the strongest available encryption technology. This ensures that no matter what document you’re submitting for sign-off, you can be assured of its confidentiality and security.

DocuSign also caters to the diverse needs of its clients by ensuring its services are available anytime, anywhere and from any device. With more than 200 million users across 188 countries, DocuSign is a truly global operation. For individuals who are running businesses ‘from the road’, the importance of such availability cannot be overstated.

As an official DocuSign partner and reseller, Cloud Industry’s passionate team have all undergone extensive DocuSign training. This means that no matter what your query, our staff will be on hand to provide tailored advice and support if and when it is needed. Our staff are also available to personally discuss how DocuSign can be integrated with other elements of your business. By taking the time to gain a holistic understanding of your needs, we guarantee to provide the highest quality service and support.

Cloud Industry + Docusign

How can DocuSign help your business?


DocuSign makes it almost effortless to sign, send and manage documents anytime and from any location. This makes doing business easy as it allows your business to do away with a reliance on older, more expensive and more cumbersome forms of technology. This will save both time and money, two of the most important factors when doing business.

Furthermore, DocuSign’s intuitive design will allow you to streamline your approval processes, workflows and internal sign-offs. By speeding up your signing processes, you’ll be able to close deals faster, reduce the capacity for human error, and ultimately boost your sales. Available anywhere, anytime and on any device, DocuSign is the obvious choice for any business looking to improve its bottom line.

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