Cloud Industry Embarks on New Partnership with DocuSign

Cloud Industry is proud to announce our most recent partnership agreement with DocuSign, one of the world’s largest and most reputable online document transfer companies. With over 100 million users in 188 countries across the globe, DocuSign makes it almost effortless to sign, send and manage documents anytime and from any location.

As a result of this new partnership, Cloud Industry has become an official reseller of DocuSign’s business solutions. This will prove a boon to Cloud Industry’s customers, as we can now offer both an improved range of services and more competitive pricing. By adding an additional cloud solution to our already impressive range of services, our customers will have all the tools at their disposal for further streamlining and growing their business.

DocuSign is designed to make conducting business as easy as possible, doing away with the need to rely on older forms of more expensive technology. Its intuitive configuration will undoubtedly help our clients to streamline their approvals, workflows and other internal processes. This will ensure faster results, reduced complications, and ultimately increased sales.

Cloud Industry’s mission is to ensure that our customers can operate their business smoothly and efficiently, whilst also strengthening their competitive edge. With DocuSign joining the likes of Salesforce as an official solutions partner, Cloud Industry now offers one of the most holistic ranges of online business solutions available. In addition to saving our clients time and money, our fantastic combination of partners is a real game changer for all businesses both big and small. Cloud Industry is thrilled about signing this contract with DocuSign and the new opportunities it will provide for our clients to grow their businesses and succeed.

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