Keep your Org protected with Salesforce Security Health Check

//Keep your Org protected with Salesforce Security Health Check

Keep your Org protected with Salesforce Security Health Check

While Salesforce is one of the most secure cloud platforms on the market, user error is still a factor that should not be ignored. For this reason, various settings and parameters can be enabled to protect users and their data. To simplify the process and ensure your Salesforce is operating with maximum security, Salesforce has introduced the Security Health Check tool.

What does a health check actually entail?

The Salesforce Security Health Check is actually a very straightforward process that is primarily designed to evaluate how robust your current security settings are. In short, the security tool looks into five key areas of potential weakness, i.e., network access, password policies and session settings. After completing the check-up, you’ll be given an assessment of your current risks, security vulnerabilities and things that should be addressed.

When’s the best time to get checked?

A Salesforce Security Health Check should be performed and reviewed on a regular basis. In addition to maintaining your system’s regular health, here are some of the pointers that signal you’re due for a checkup:

  • you implemented a new change in your CRM instance recently;
  • you’ve had a number of staff recently leave the company;
  • you expect to initiate some enhancements;
  • you plan to on-board a new business; and
  • you have made changes that affect the user permissions, roles or login process.

In simple terms, if your current settings meet or exceed compliance, you receive a high score. If any risks are detected, the score decreases. For companies with security requirements that differ from the Salesforce standard, such as those in an industry needing higher security for a specific group, admins can create custom baseline scores through a quick setup process.

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Despite the built-in security of the Salesforce platform, circumstances can change over time. If your company has grown since Salesforce was implemented, the original settings may no longer be providing maximum security. Let a Salesforce Security Health Check put your mind at rest.

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