Leadership Characteristics of Successful Managers

//Leadership Characteristics of Successful Managers

Leadership Characteristics of Successful Managers

While it may sound obvious, the importance of effective leadership as a prerequisite for business success cannot be overstated. This relates to all levels of leadership, both within small business units and right up to the top of the organisation chart. In short, skilful leaders lead to successful business.

Below are five of the most common characteristics that business leaders should have to guarantee their long-term success. Each is equally important in ensuring a smoothly functioning business that has the interests of both its employees and customers at heart.

Highly attuned problem-solving skills
Each and every day leaders are faced with a number of difficult decisions to make. They are forced to make swift and strategic decisions based upon the limited information they may have on hand. Effective leaders know how to ask the right questions, compile information, analyse options, and apply analytical rigor to address the problems they face. By demonstrating the ability to make sound decisions while working under pressure, speaks volumes in the eyes of staff and also upper management.

Strong leaders don’t just follow the directions given to them by others; they also create their own ideas and visions. They will take all the information at hand and develop a systematic approach to bringing ideas to life, culminating with real results and real outcomes. It’s one thing to be visionary; it’s another thing to turn visions into results. Being an effective leader in today’s world means prioritising interactions, creating greater efficiencies and staying focussed on achieving results.

Being supportive to others
By definition, the term leadership infers the need to support others and to ‘bring them along for the ride’. By supporting others within the workplace, exemplary leaders create a culture of collegiality and mutual engagement. With happy staff come productive staff and with productivity comes success. In successful teams worries, fears and negative emotions are cast aside and instead replaced with drive, commitment and enthusiasm.

They encourage a diversity of perspectives
In order to embody great leadership qualities, it is essential that individuals place their egos aside and genuinely listen to the views and opinions of others. By facilitating an open and supportive workplace environment where employees feel comfortable to share their opinions, staff will feel a greater sense of ownership in the decision-making process. Leaders still have the responsibility to make a final call however the underlying process is inherently important. You never know who may come up with the next revolutionary idea.

They are champions of change
All successful business leaders have one thing in common i.e. they are excited by their company and they carry their vision everywhere they go. In addition, they are open-minded and always keep their eyes and ears open in order to identify other up and coming leaders within the company.

With these five characteristics, you too can flourish as a leader and contribute to your company and employees reaching their full potential.


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