Run Your Business from your Phone with the Salesforce Mobile App

//Run Your Business from your Phone with the Salesforce Mobile App

Run Your Business from your Phone with the Salesforce Mobile App

Since the turn of the 21st Century, mobile technology has developed at an extraordinary pace. As a result, the way people communicate has also changed with devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets becoming increasingly ubiquitous in all elements of society. From Sydney to Singapore, companies around the world are adapting to these new ways of communicating as a means of strengthening and streamlining their business operations.

For business leaders, smartphones are no longer just a status symbol or fashion accessory. Instead, smartphones have now become an essential tool for managing an organisation’s operations with enhanced convenience, from anywhere and at any time. This “mobile management” concept was highlighted by Ulrik Nehammer, Coca Cola’s General Manager, who recently admitted that “today I run most of my business from the phone.”

In response to the changing nature of doing business, Salesforce has launched a new fully integrated mobile application. Created for executives and managers alike, the app contains a multitude of functions that are designed to help businesses “grab every advantage” and “take action from anywhere”. Some of these benefits include, the ability to collaborate instantly, access to vital customer data, editing office documents, and being able to take control of potential leads.

For some, the traditional office environment has come to be seen as both stifling and ‘too far away from the action’. On the flipside, mobile technology is considered essential in allowing business leaders to remain geographically flexible, ultra-responsive and fully informed. By using new technology such as the Salesforce App, businesses now have access to their contacts, emails, sales data, leads and records all at the touch of a button.

As an official Salesforce partner, Cloud Industry’s passionate staff are available to provide tailored advice about the entire suite of Salesforce products including the Salesforce App. Talk to one of our strategic consultants today to discuss how the Salesforce App can help to improve, simplify and grow your business.

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