Salesforce Einstein – The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence CRM Tool

//Salesforce Einstein – The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence CRM Tool

Salesforce Einstein – The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence CRM Tool

As customers around the world become ever-more discerning in their purchasing decision-making, businesses need to remain both alert and ‘ahead of the curve’ if they are to remain competitive. In response to this trend, Salesforce has recently joined forces with IBM to develop the most advanced cloud solution available, known as Salesforce Einstein. Utilising artificial intelligence, Salesforce Einstein guarantees a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is both smarter and faster than other CRM systems.

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What is Salesforce Einstein?

Named after the world’s most famous theoretical physicist, Salesforce Einstein uses artificial intelligence to collate and store client data. As more data is acquired, a company’s CRM will continue to gain knowledge, thus making their business ‘smarter’ as time goes on. Such data also allows companies to predict their customers’ future behaviours and outcomes. This is key to providing a personalised service, which will subsequently lead to greater customer satisfaction.

The Einstein Platform

Touted to be “the world’s smartest CRM”, the Einstein platform incorporates every element of the Salesforce CRM including commerce, analytics, marketing, sales and service. By ‘infusing’ artificial intelligence through all clouds, companies have a holistic overview of every element of their customers’ behaviour. The Einstein Platform also contains a distinct component known as Einstein Intent. This has a specific focus on streamlining actions related to customer queries, thus saving a huge amount of time and money.

What makes Einstein different from other CRM Artificial Intelligence?

Salesforce Einstein remains a pioneer in CRM artificial intelligence and is the most comprehensive product on the market today. In contrast to its competitors, Salesforce Einstein goes well beyond data collection and customer insights. Instead, Einstein’s advanced nature allows the CRM to deliver such varied outcomes as personalised shopper experiences, unparalleled customer support and individually tailored marketing campaigns.

How can Einstein help your business?

Artificial Intelligence will continue to become more essential for businesses as time goes on. In fact, IBM’s President and CEO Ginni Rometty suggests that “within a few years, every major decision – personal or business – will be made with the help of AI.” Regardless of whether you’re in the sales, service or marketing sectors, Einstein will revolutionise the way your company does business. By creating cloud-based systems that can perform complicated tasks such as reasoning and planning, your business can now provide the highest levels of service and support available.

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