Three Reasons Why Salesforce Consistently Outperforms Zoho, Sugar and every other cheaper CRM options on the SMB market

//Three Reasons Why Salesforce Consistently Outperforms Zoho, Sugar and every other cheaper CRM options on the SMB market

Three Reasons Why Salesforce Consistently Outperforms Zoho, Sugar and every other cheaper CRM options on the SMB market

For most people, cost is the primary concern that influences their decision to buy any product. When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it is often hotly debated as to which company offers the best overall product at the best price. As a premium software solution, Salesforce is priced somewhat higher than competitors like Zoho, SugarCRM and other cheaper solutions. However, despite this higher price tag, Salesforce is still winning a large market share in an SMB business that is typically more sensitive to price, but why is that?   Is it simply the brand or is there a hidden secret behind this success. To understand why Salesforce remains the number one CRM system on the market, despite its higher price, let’s look at three key benefits.

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More functionalities

As with other CRM systems which come pre-configured with a limited list of functions, Salesforce also comes with a very suitable pre-configuration. However, with Salesforce this is just the beginning of the possibilities. Whereas other CRM software solutions offer limited potential in terms of customisation that is restricted to the setup of a few fields and some report customisation, Salesforce is entirely customisable—from the colour scheme and branding of your login page to a whole new set of screen layouts and data structures, processes, validation rules and so much more. While this degree of customisation already sets Salesforce apart from its competitors, if for any reason you still find yourself needing something a little more specific, the Salesforce AppExchange offers 4,000 apps to further extend the possibilities of the CRM. Whichever way you look at it, that is a massive difference. No matter how big or how small your business is, there are very few cases where a solution does not exist within Salesforce already. Quite simply, what this means is that you get a solution fully suited to your business with greater efficiency, better results and a healthier bottom line.

More results

This is where the real advantages come into play. Imagine you are a young couple buying a new car for your family and you buy a small compact care with no Trunk space. The short-term savings you make will soon become problematic when you start talking about growing the family and you outgrow your small car.

Well it’s much the same with your CRM system. When you buy a CRM you are planning for growth and when you plan for growth you need to think about the future. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is particularly appropriate when it comes to a cheaper CRM system. Whilst the basic structure and functions on offer are perfectly sufficient for many small businesses, cheaper systems are not designed with growth in mind. Salesforce on the other hand can be scaled-up over time to meet the growing needs and changing requirements of your business. By using Salesforce right from the outset, you’ll not only save yourself the hassle of switching platforms, but your business will also be in a better position to realise greater long-term investment returns.

Forecasting and Reports

As a business, one of the most important things you need is visibility, because nowadays data is knowledge and knowledge is power in the market. Not only do you need to have the information but you also need to be able to process it, effectively and efficiently. With a tool like Salesforce, you have everything you need to integrate your CRM with all your other systems and build a central point of truth for your business and Salesforce. You are taking back control and gaining power, which mean more business and consequently more revenue and less stress. Salesforce also offers the most advanced forecasting and reporting systems, both essential mechanisms for driving business growth today. This is especially useful for large volumes of data or the future growth of your sales team. Now enhance all of this with collaborative sales forecasts and then analytic reporting becomes a functionality that simply cannot be matched by other software options.

Whilst cheaper options undoubtedly cost less money upfront, they usually lack the full range of technical functions required to maintain and grow your business. In essence, any nominal savings derived from lesser upfront costs will ultimately be eroded in just a matter of weeks or months.  When choosing your CRM, you need to ask yourself why you are deploying a CRM program in your organisation. After all, what is the point of a CRM that limits growth?

CRMs are all about enabling better, faster and stronger business and this is why Salesforce consistently outperforms every players in the market place. Because when you choose Salesforce, you are planning for growth and not for short-term savings.

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