Why Salesforce is the best CRM Software for Small Businesses

//Why Salesforce is the best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Why Salesforce is the best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management systems were once thought a privilege of the biggest corporations. Not anymore.  Whatever its size, no business can ignore the competitive advantage that comes from adopting and integrating a CRM system. It’s now almost universally recognised as the surest way to growth, with the additional promise of sustainability. The only question that smaller organisations need to ask is which CRM solution to go for.

As a key aspect of growing a small business, customer service is one important consideration when choosing a CRM. Thanks to Desk.com, Salesforce’s customer support app, it’s now easier than ever for start-ups to monitor the activity of their existing and prospective customers across various social media platforms. The app allows for direct customer interaction, vital for both promoting new services and responding to any complaints. Connected to the Salesforce ecosystem, the insights gained in this way not only help predict future trends but also identify the most effective strategies to maximise outcomes, thus enabling small businesses to utilise their limited resources more effectively and improve business performance.

Indeed, the affordability of Salesforce combined with its suite of features and supporting apps means that even start-ups can now access the full power and creative possibilities of their CRM, taking it way beyond the storage of customer profiles and transaction histories.

Salesforce software is both comprehensive—providing varied solutions for all sizes of organisations—and scalable, so functionality can grow as your business does.   In the process, your team gets powerful support from toll free numbers and live chat, while community pages and training help them learn as your operation develops.

As for third party solutions in place prior to CRM, Salesforce AppExchange facilitates hassle-free integration, and additionally makes available thousands of free and paid-for apps to enhance your CRM.

With easy mobile accessibility and the ultra-flexibility of cloud technology, the advantages of Salesforce CRM make it the only solution—for even the smallest of small businesses.

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